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What is SCRIP?

Earns money for the church at no expense to you.  If you shop at any of the locations listed on the detailed form located on the SCRIP table at church, you can help earn extra church funds for Worden.  

This would really help us during this difficult time with the economy as it has affected everyone.  SCRIP can also help you by budgeting what you will spend each month for groceries, gas, eating out, etc.  You can purchase your gifts cards on Sunday and have them by Friday, or see if we have them on hand and take them the same day!  It’s super easy to use, it just takes an initial step of planning ahead for that first time.  Once you get in the routine of using SCRIP, you will see its benefits for you.  

Here’s an example:

CHECKERS earns 6% – A typical family of 4 spends about $400 a month on groceries or more…that will earn $24 each month…now multiply that by 10 families…$240.00 a month.  The same would apply for HYVEE, earning 5%.  There are hundreds of locations you can shop at and earn anywhere from 2% up to 13% on purchases you make.

Take advantage of Presto Pay, instant SCRIP obtained online, no hassles of waiting until Sunday, easy, convenient. Talk to Betsy about it! 

If you have any questions, please contact Allison Johnson or the office. Thanks!

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